MB Betons is one of the leading concrete product manufacturers in the Baltic States.

Concrete Plant in Liepāja

In 2021, we opened our new prefabricated concrete plant in Liepāja, which is the most modern facility of its kind in the Baltics. It has been specifically engineered for manufacturing a wide range of concrete facades and hybrid elements, seamlessly integrating supplementary materials like bricks, tiles, and other decorative elements.

We've prioritized sustainable production by equipping the facility with machinery for recycling fresh concrete residues and implementing water purification and recycling systems.


Technological Equipment

Due to our modern and highly functional concrete plant and extensive technological equipment, we have the capacity to undertake multiple large-scale and complex projects simultaneously.

Our technological equipment includes several concrete mixing plants, silos for storing various materials, a system for recycling fresh concrete residues and water purification, a Terrazzo surface processing machine etc.

We have the capacity to undertake large-scale projects

  • 10 000 m2 1 layer walls
  • 6 000 m2 2-3 layer walls
  • 17 000 m2 HCS production
  • 16 000 m2 production area

Sustainability at Core of our Production

With a focus on reducing CO2 emissions, we have developed three different strategies for concrete product solutions, offering our clients the opportunity to choose the most suitable option to achieve the environmental goals of their specific projects.


For more information about our environmental and sustainability initiatives, click here.


From Idea to a Finished Product

The MB Betons Group consists of several versatile companies, enabling us to provide a complete production cycle.

Within our group, there are three mineral extraction quarries that supply the necessary raw materials for concrete production, accredited concrete research laboratories, an extensive ready-mix concrete network, and two advanced precast concrete plants.

Convenient Factory Location

Our largest and newest production facility is situated in Liepāja, strategically located for logistics - just a few kilometers away from port and major national highways. Another MB Betons facility is located in Daugavpils.