Aggregates Service

Wide range of aggregates for concrete and general construction, as well as recycling of construction waste in line with circular economy principles.

Aggregates Services in Latvia

With multiple aggregate quarries, our company Inerto Materiālu Serviss can supply gravel, sand, pebbles, crushed stone, and other materials in any quantity, anywhere in Latvia.

Additionally, we offer environmentally friendly recycling of construction waste.

Our contact information is available on the map.

Our Services

For Any Construction Project

  • Natural sand for any construction project
  • Natural soil for backfilling
  • Washed, sieved sand for concrete/asphalt production (0/2, 0/4)
  • Washed, sorted stone chips and pebbles (2/8, 4/8, 8/16, 16/45) for concrete/asphalt production
  • Road construction material mixes (0/16, 0/32, 0/45, 8/32, 16/45, etc.), including recycled materials

In Any Quantity

We ensure swift delivery of materials both to individual clients and larger construction projects.

In collaboration with our partners, we can provide delivery to all regions of Latvia.

Recycling of Construction Waste

  • Collecting sorted construction waste and renting containers for it
  • Receiving and processing sorted construction waste
  • High-quality recycled aggregate materials (concrete, asphalt, bricks) – ranging from 0/8, 8/32, to 0/60 etc.

Individual Approach

For consultation on materials and price offers, please contact specialists of our factories (see map above).