Graphic Concrete

Graphic concrete technology allows the integration of different patterns and large-format images on the surfaces of prefabricated concrete structures such as walls and facades, while keeping all prefabricated concrete characteristics, including strength and durability.

Large Format Design

Graphic concrete technology enables the incorporation of diverse visual elements and large-scale images into the surfaces of reinforced concrete structures, while maintaining the product's durability and longevity.

  • Possible to create individual design
  • All inherent properties of reinforced concrete
  • No additional work during the installation process
  • No special maintenance
  • A wide range of colours

Technological Solution

To achieve this effect, the pattern or image is printed on a special membrane with a cement retarder. The prefabricated concrete structure, which will ensure the stability of the building, is formed above this membrane. After demolding and removal from the form, the façade side is washed, thus revealing the visual end result.