Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

With glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC) it is possible to create unique shapes and textures for facades, balconies, and other products.

Innovative & Lightweight Concrete

GRC is particularly suitable for architecturally complex solutions, as its unique characteristics allow for the creation of products with various shapes and textures.

  • Reduced concrete weight and complexity
  • Reduced CO2 emissions and transportation costs
  • Wide range of color and texture options
  • No special maintenance required

Manufacturing with Environmental Responsibility

Environmentally friendly and sustainable manufacturing is one of our top priorities. GRC products help the industry to move closer to greener manufacturing practices by consuming fewer materials and optimizing transportation, thus significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

Read more about our environmental activities here.

Part of the International GRC Association

Our knowledge and expertise in the field of GRC have been recognized by the International Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Association and since 2020, we have been included as members of the GRC/GFRC association.