Mälarsjukhuset hospital building in Eskilstuna, Sweden with UPB precast concrete and steel structures.

The three-layer walls cover more than 8000 m2 and are additionally accentuated by four different formliner finishes, that gives the façade an extra attraction.

During the design stage, the tricky part was to make sure that the various facade patterns will connect seamlessly, and the end-result will meet the architect’s and client’s expectations. To ensure that, 3D models were created by UPB engineers in collaboration with our production team. As a proof of quality, we also made two mock-ups, that were later installed into the actual building.

Thus, this project is a great example for the off-site construction, as we pre-installed the windows already at our production plant, ensuring a swift wall installation process on site.

This hospital is a part of one of the largest construction projects in the Sörmland county ever, carried out by NCC on the behalf of Region Sörmland. Region Sörmland is building for the healthcare of the future and we are happy to be a part of such large-scale project, with the highest importance for the local community, as it generates many jobs and creates growth in the region.