FÄRGSKRAPAN office building


FÄRGSKRAPAN office building

Sollentuna, Sweden

Färgskrapan is a 15-storey office building in Sweden with a facade made of glass structures of 12 different colours. The idea of sustainability is at the core of the building, which is why each component of the building aims to reduce the ecological footprint in the future.

This is one of the UPB frame and facade complex solutions – a three construction (3C) project that combines the design and installation of glass, metal and concrete structures. Thanks to the 3C method, the UPB Färgskrapan project was implemented in 1.5 years.

By working in parallel and co-operating, the concrete structure designing was done in 14 months, manufacturing in 8 months, and structures of the building were assembled in 8.5 months. The total amount of reinforced concrete structures is 760.5 tonnes of metal and 4090 m3 of concrete.


Engineering, production, delivery, assembly.

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