Gravel pit processing

IMS processes gravel pits resulting in acquirement of inert materials – washed sand, sorted and sifted pebbles, gravel, flinders etc. Aggregates are being used for the production of ready mix concrete and prefabricated concrete.
Modern and mobile gravel pit processing equipment TEREX/FINLAY is being used for the acquirement of good quality inert materials.
IMS provides also the trade and supply of pebbles, flinders, gravel, sand and top soil.


Recycling of construction waste

Inert materials serice (IMS) provides environment-friendly recycling and sorting of construction waste, secondary circulation of unused construction elements and materials by scrapping armouring and metal and using flinders for the production of low class concrete. The remaining materials are used for strewing to build roads and squares.

German – Austrian co-produced semi-mobile construction waste recycling plant has been deployed in the territory of Liepāja Special Economic Zone, and its hourly output rate is 200 t. Establishment of a service company is planned to provide skip services at the construction sites both for legal entities and individuals.

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