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In the SIA Transportbetons MB, production of ready mix concrete is provided by 11 production units located in various parts of Latvia, maximum distance to any object is 50 km. 9 production units are stationary ones, as well as 2 mobile production plants, which may be installed by the largest sites. Due to the situation of production units and the output thereof, we are able to guarantee fast supply of good quality ready mix concrete to any place, at any time and volume. 

SIA Transportbetons MB is equipped with a large and modern transport fleet able to supply ready mix concrete safely and quickly to any site located anywhere in Latvia.

​Transportbetons MB offers:

  • Concrete with compressive and strength classes from C8/10 to C55/60;
  • Concrete with freeze resistance from F50 to F300 and water resistance up to W16;
  • Concrete for aggressive environments XA3;
  • Concrete with winter additions up to temperature -15°C;
  • Concrete warming in winter conditions;
  • Fibro-concrete mixtures with metal or poly-propylene fibres, as well as we consult and provide load calculations;
  • Colour concrete;