UPB launches advanced prefabricated concrete plant in Liepaja

The new UPB's prefabricated concrete plant has started its operation in Liepaja, total investment in the construction process and technologies is 12 million euros. This plant will also create 50 new jobs for residents of Liepaja and its surroundings.

The new plant extends the competencies of the UPB group in the production of complex concrete structures and allows off-site construction method development. To achieve this, one-third of the investment focuses on technologies, for example, in a modern and highly functional concrete batching plant, fresh concrete processing and water treatment systems and other equipment.

The overall area of the new production premises is 4,900 m2, supplemented by a 2,900 m2 stockyard for finished products. The plant is located at Cukura Street 34, in Liepaja, expanding the existing “Dzelzsbetons MB” production infrastructure by almost 60 %. Also, the territory of 10,000 m2 adjacent to the new and the existing plant is improved.

Smarter production and construction

“Our goal is to offer products with high added value and to make the construction process more efficient, at the same time, also raising the efficiency of the production process as far as possible. The new plant will serve as a vivid example of how a well-organised production flow can improve both the company productivity and the conditions of day-to-day work for our team,” says Dainis Bērziņš, the Chairman of the UPB Management Board.

The focus of UPB on foreign markets is the so-called “off-site construction” or products with higher added value. It means that most of the technologically complex processes are carried out at the plant, including assembly of windows in prefabricated concrete structures, etc. As a result, an almost ready wall element is delivered to the customer, which respectively reduces the proportion of works and the time spent on these works at the construction site.

The new plant is specially adapted to produce various concrete facades and hybrid elements with additionally integrated elements, for example, bricks, tiles and other decorative materials. Also, the development of innovative products is thought of, among other things, providing for the possibility to produce ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC).

Zero waste technologies, focus on ergonomics

A huge emphasis is put on sustainable solutions to achieve the most rational use of resources. For example, 500,000 euros have been invested in fresh concrete processing equipment, water treatment and recirculation systems.

A great deal of attention is also paid to each employee's working conditions and work safety. For ensuring air quality, an integrated suction and purified air recirculation system is installed, also spacious staff rooms and administration premises are available. “Our team grows along with an expansion of production. Currently, we are looking for approximately 50 employees joining our team both in production, and administration. Therefore, we invest a lot exactly in ergonomic solutions to make this workplace as comfortable for our potential employees as possible,” reveals D. Bērziņš.

The design developed of “Dzelzsbetons MB” new plant was delivered by “UPB Projekti”, whereas construction works were performed by “UPB Nams”. Dainis Bērziņš says that other UPB group companies were also involved in the construction process: “UPB has several specialization directions, which allows us to complete such extensive projects in a most integrated and efficient manner. For example, we provided prefabricated concrete and steel structures, ready-mixed concrete, ensured the construction of external engineering networks, constructed the heating unit and boiler house, whereas our mechanical engineering company supplied technologies – tilting tables.”