UPB invests 11 million euro in construction of a prefabricated concrete production facility in Liepaja

UPB, one of the largest industrial holdings in the Baltic States, has started construction of a new production facility of prefabricated concrete structures in Liepaja investing 11 million euro. It is planned to build 4900 m2 of production premises and 2900 m2 of warehouse premises for finished products, and also to modernise the existing concrete factory.  

“Extensive investments in the new prefabricated concrete plant of MB Betons, a company of our group, and modernisation of the existing infrastructure will let us offer prefabricated concrete structures with even higher added value. This means that the production facility will perform most of technologically complex processes and we will be able to deliver more finished products to our customers, thus reducing the share of works and the time spent on them on the construction site”, explains Dainis Bērziņš, the Chairman of the Board of UPB.

The new production facility is planning to produce prefabricated concrete façade elements using different decorative finishing elements such as façade bricks or tiles, and concrete of different colours. It will also be possible to produce different hydride elements, mount windows in prefabricated concrete elements and perform other works. This makes it possible to do more not on the construction site, but at the production facility, and thus increase the value of the finished element.

“The future production facility will open up better opportunities for entering new markets such as the United Kingdom, where the customers require a particularly high-quality and specific product – in this case, prefabricated concrete façades with characteristic traditional brick finishing”, D. Bērziņš adds.

The production facility will be located at Cukura Street 34, Liepāja, extending its production infrastructure by almost 60%. It is also planned to modernise the existing concrete production facility and to improve its adjacent territory with an area of 10,000 m2. Work in the new production premises is expected to be started in autumn 2021, and the extension of the production facility is expected to create 50 new jobs.

The project for the MB Betons prefabricated concrete production facility was developed by UPB Projekti designing office, while construction works will be performed by UPB Nams.

See the production facility video here.