UPB celebrates 25th anniversary

On April 26 UPB celebrates its 25th anniversary. Company was founded in 1991 as a three architect bureau. Today UPB is a large industrial concern with more than 1 300 employees, enterprises in 9 countries, 60 000 square meters of production area and export markets in many different countries all over the world. UPB is one of rare companies in Europe that can offer complex projects combining glass, steel, concrete and energy solutions.

We invite you to view a video greeting to UPB employees from Dainis Berzins - Chairman of the UPB Management Board here.

UPB incorporates more than 40 viable, powerful and highly professional enterprises which are united in independently operating groups the largest among them being AILE group, MB Betons group, RK Metāls group, UPB Energy group and UPB Nams group.