MB Betons curved prefabricated concrete structures are becoming a recognised symbol of the territory

UPB project Wellingeby located in Stockholm, Sweden, has been inhabited for quite some time now. The object includes a 13-storey building with 152 apartments, two (2 and 3-storey) commercial buildings and a basement. The total area of the project is nearly 15 000 m2. 

MB Betons in this project provided prefabricated concrete structure manufacturing.

The elegantly curved facades have become a symbol of the whole area, and the complexity of their shapes was the biggest challenge for UPB employees in the office, production unit, on the road and on the construction site. The production of prefabricated concrete structures (balconies), as well as curved steel structures (steel HSQ beams) and their accurate assembly on the construction site (ensuring precise connections) required more labour-intensive work than for regularly-shaped structures. Nevertheless, the works went according to schedule and UPB completed its job on time — within 10 months.

Thanks to everyone for contribution to the construction of this project!