Concrete research centre opens the first accredited concrete laboratory in Latgale

An accredited laboratory for the testing of physical and mechanical properties of hardened concrete has been launched in Daugavpils, and it is the only laboratory of its kind in Latvia outside Riga. The new laboratory enables concrete manufacturers, builders and customers of the closest vicinity to test hardened concrete in the region of Latgale.

Concrete Research Centre is accredited in accordance with the requirements of the international standard LVS EN ISO/IEC 17025, which enables physical and mechanical testing of hardened concrete throughout Europe. It is located in Daugavpils, at Rūpniecības iela 1a.

The laboratory performed the testing of hardened concrete at a major facility; the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant. During the development of the 2,400 m3 large base plate of the nuclear power plant, the Concrete Research Centre performed the testing of the unhardened concrete mix as well. Quality control was ensured for each delivered cargo continuously over a period of 52 hours. Similar tests for fresh and hardened concrete have been carried out at several project sites in Sweden.

Concrete Research Centre was established in 2000. The company has a laboratory in Liepaja and two independent accredited laboratories: one is situated in Riga and the other - in Daugavpils. Concrete Research Centre also develops new concrete products based on the requirements of the customer.