Campus Valla Student house in Linköping recognized as "Swedish Building of the Year 2020"

In this project, UPB provided engineering, production, delivery and assembly of steel and reinforced concrete structures, as well as the assembly of CLT panels and adhesives. Building has 7 storeys and total area is about 13,000 sq.m. Accordingly - 630 t of steel constructions, 11 500 m2 of reinforced concrete panels, 2 800 m2 of wall elements, 12 000 m2 of floor panels and 45 m3 of grandstand elements were used in the spacious building.

The student building stands out with its shape, color and size. Sustainability was also a very important factor and the project developer wanted a building with a gold certificate for the environmental building (Miljöbyggnad guld), which was also achieved.

In this project, we would like to highlight the assembly of adhesives and the elements of the grandstands with increased surface requirements in production and assembly. The grandstand elements were manufactured in specially made and unified steell molds, using concrete according to a specially developed recipe. Several elements had to be remanufactured to achieve the desired result. Working with adhesives was a pleasant change due to the smell and appearance of the wood. There were a lot of fasteners, but thanks to the experience and ingenuity of the assembly team, the usual tools were adapted so that the work could be performed smoothly and with high quality.

Throughout the process, there was excellent communication between the parties involved, which allowed to achieve the best results within the planned schedule.

Thanks to everyone involved for the work well done!