A new Transportbetons MB mobile plant starts operation

UPB Group company Transportbetons MB has invested more than 500,000 euro in a mobile ready-mixed concrete plant. It is intended for prompt installation in the territory of the construction site and expands the concrete delivery possibilities throughout the territory of Latvia, supplementing the existing network of 11 production plants.

The mobile plant allows to produce concrete directly at the construction site, which is especially important for large-scale and intensive projects to deliver large quantities of the product accurately and in high quality. “The quality of ready-mixed concrete depends on the distance between the plant and the object, so now we will also be able to serve places which are too far for deliveries of concrete from stationary production plants,” explains Janis Metra, Chair of the Board of Transportbetons MB. The first serviced object is the future MB Betons prefabricated concrete plant in Liepaja, where the mobile plant will operate as a support to the adjacent stationary ready-mixed concrete production plant to produce the required amount of construction materials in a short period of time.

J. Metra points that the planned capacity of the mobile plant is approx. 90 m3 of concrete an hour. The plant can be installed and dismantled within one day, it does not require a separate electrical connection or a specially prepared installation site.

These investments are an addition to several investments made in 2020 in the development of Transportbetons MB equipment and technologies. For example, in the middle of last year, Liepaja stationary ready-mixed concrete production plant at Cukura iela 32 was commenced, in the construction of which 1.2M euro were invested.